We’re available for teaching opportunities, panels, podcasts, conferences, One-On-One listening sessions to discuss the music industry, licensing, and creative writing to brief for synch projects. For media inquiries, please contact



music supervision

We provide creative services for projects including licensed music options from vendors within project budget, script spotting, and composer vetting. These services include detailed budget estimates. Let us help you elevate your vision with the character of sound. 



music clearance & licensing services

We provide master and composition clearances, quote approvals, budget reports including union costs, long form agreement reviews, cue sheets, and compilation of distributor’s rights packages. 




Do you have questions about music and your project? Are you not sure what to budget for music, what terms you need, need creative guidance, or any other questions? Contact us to help you get started!




Are you a publisher, label, manager, or songwriter that is having trouble breaking into certain medias in synch? Are you not sure where the roadblocks are? Look no further! At Rat Dance Party, we can help you identify what those blocks are and come up with a long-term plan to help you expand your business and placements.