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We assist new, rising, or established media companies and creatives bring their creative music vision to life as well as making sure all deliverables are correct and on time. We have over a decade in the film and music industries and are set apart by our vast well rounded experience including Live TV, in-depth knowledge, contact database, and our ability to curate music that amplifies the story. Our passion is elevating the creative vision with the singularity of sound.

So what is a music supervisor? 

A music supervisor oversees all aspects of music on a project.  They collaborate with key decision-makers to help determine the musical vision within the budget.

Why hire a music supervisor?

You hire a music supervisor to ensure that the project’s legal deliverables are accurate and accounted for.  In return, this saves the project money and time.



Jennifer Smith



Southern California native Jennifer Smith is the founder the of the LA based music supervision company RAT DANCE PARTY. Jennifer specializes in music supervision services for all types of media including new media, podcasts, and live television.  

Jennifer’s recent work can be seen in films such American Christmas (Tara Reid) and Bad Kids Go To Hell (based off a cult comic book) , as well as the scripted TV shows Slut and Humor Me. Prior to her work for Rat Dance Party, Jennifer worked with the teams at Dancing with the Stars and American Idol ABC Season 1, where she was in charge of clearing the rights for hundreds of songs.

Prior to founding RDP, Jennifer joined Kobalt Music as part of the synchronization team. At Kobalt, she collaborated with music supervisors on finding music for their projects, negotiated rights for Kobalt’s catalog and artists, and worked closely with songwriters and artists on the Kobalt roster. Her time at Kobalt gave her full-circle experience in the synchronization world, dealing with all stakeholders in the creative process including record labels, songwriters, publishers, musicians, managers and marketing teams.  

Jennifer launched Rat Dance Party to provide a collaborative, holistic music solution for production teams to achieve their creative vision. Media rights are a tremendous undertaking and her experience and expertise can help a production avoid costly delays or mistakes. She is well-versed in US Union Guidelines for Music and Media Rights, experienced with budgeting and working to strict deadlines. Through her industry network and experience, she is able to negotiate effectively in her client’s best interests while keeping their creative vision’s integrity.

Jennifer is a member of The Guild Of Music Supervisors, Woman In Film, The Television Academy, The Recording Academy, and Woman In Media.


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music supervision

Rat Dance Party provides creative services for TV, films, advertising, new media. Our relationships with publishers and labels allow us to find licensable music that meet any project budget. This includes script spotting, composer vetting & hiring, original song creation and sourcing to final delivery, as well as detailed budget estimates. We strive to elevate the vision of every project with the character of sound.


music clearance &
licensing services

We provide master and composition clearances, quote approvals, budget reports(including union costs), long form agreement reviews, cue sheets, and compilation of distributor’s rights packages.



Rat Dance Party works with producers, show runners, and directors who have a strong vision for their music choices. We act as a sounding board while helping to curate the music that will accentuate each project. We can also spot troubles before they become costly or suggest alternative music that fits the theme.  RDP’s passion is in helping every project achieve its creative vision.

Acoustic Writing


For songwriters/producers/labels/managers that want to take their sync education to the next level, RDP offers personalized assessments and unique learning opportunities. We help creatives identify the obstacles that slow them down while working to develop a long-term plan to expand their business and find placement opportunities. Each program is tailored to your needs.

What makes our program different is we have a full circle experience working not only from the film maker point of view but also within a indie / major publishing / label environment.

We DO NOT provide third party pitching for sync. RDP does not accept unsolicited material.


Available for teaching opportunities, panels, podcasts, conferences, One-On-One listening sessions to discuss the music industry, licensing, and creative writing to brief for synch projects.

For media inquiries, please contact media@ratdanceparty.com


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Submitting Your Music: RDP does not accept unsolicited music submissions. We work with qualified music licensing companies, publishers, and labels who have vetted all aspects of the music.

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